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Offering marketing-related education, work history, and creatively.


  • Solid secretarial, office management, and customer service experience.
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal communication, and problem resolution skills.
  • Creative thinker with an ability to size up a situation and bring new ideas to the table.
  • Work and attend school full time; maintain excellent grades; fully financed education.


      ANY COLLEGE, Town, US
      Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing, Month, Year
Dean's List; GPA 3.9

      Marketing Research Projects 

  • Conceptualized a consumer demographic and attitudinal study on a regional building materials supply company.
  • Compiled and formulated data for inclusion in a statistical analysis report.
  • Conducted independent research on two major retailers with the cooperation of sales representatives to determine the effectiveness of various marketing strategies.
  • Performed comparative analyses based on advertising models including TV, radio, print, Internet, direct mail campaigns, brochures, catalogs, annual reports, and sales force efforts.
  • Incorporated findings into comprehensive marketing research reports. 
  • Developed and presented in-class slide show presentations with compelling results.

      Waitress, Mamma Mia's, Any Town, US X/XX - present
      Waitress/Hostess, Joe's Restaurant, Amityville, X/XX - X/XX

  • Provide customer service with combined responsibility for the management of wait staff and catering services, resulting in repeat business, customer loyalty, and profitable sales. 

      Receptionist, Company, Town, US X/XX - X/XX

  • Screened calls, and coordinated appointments between clients and sales agents.
  • Prepared sales/rental contracts, reviewed MLS listings, and verified advertisements.

      Secretary / Office Manager, Company, Town, US X/XX - X/XX

  • Handled customer/vendor databases, preparation of sales estimates and proposals,
  • Processed correspondence, invoices, billing, inventory reports, and weekly payroll.
  • Conducted in-store presentations to provide clients with a range of product selections.

      Secretary, Accounts Receivable Department, Company, Town, US X/XX - X/XX

  • Managed over 1,200 patient accounts in areas of accounts receivable postings and reconciliation with demonstrated proficiency in hospital billing and accounting systems.
  • Provided diversified office support in areas of file management and correspondence.


Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access 

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