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. . . known for delivering results in highly competitive markets. Strengths encompass . . . 

. . . sales and marketing / public relations / program development / fleet and route management / long-term strategic planning and budget forecasting / purchasing / warehousing and distribution / exporting staff training and development / leadership and team-building / computer technology


Company, Town, US 
Executive Vice President, XXXX to XXXX 

Business Management

  • Held full P&L responsibility through expense control and inventory management of labor and material costs that included route trucks and related equipment and expenses.

  • Drove annual sales revenues to $12.5M in first two years (from $4.2M).

  • Directed the complexities of business operations and integration of computerized systems overseeing the company's operational budget forecasting and implementation. 

  • billboards, tradeshows, private label, and exporting operations,

  • Directed all phases of product warehousing and distribution operations, streamlining and increasing inventory levels based on quarterly sales review and analysis.

  • Brought in and recruited in excess of sixty-five route drivers.

  • Guided and motivated sales force through hands-on leadership and supervision.

  • Played an integral role in the company's on-going success as a product distribution leader.

  • Resolved issues involving product availability, displays, quality service and severe delinquencies.

  • Supervised fleet operations of company-owned and independently-owned routes encompassing vehicle inventory, maintenance, fuel costs, insurance, leasing contracts, and DMV regulations.

  • Made critical decisions involving account cancellations.

Sales and Marketing Management

  • Heightened product image and sales performance through execution of strategic planning, sales and marketing development, and effective public relation efforts working within a $320,000 advertising budget.
    Led the company in a radio advertisement campaign for the entire product line.

  • Promoted the introduction of new products/product mix to identify high-end/low-end markets.

  • Conducted field sales analysis to determine status of account activity. 

Program Development

  • Pioneered a product sales and distribution program resulting in successful market penetration and award of major retail chain account spanning the east to west coast. 

  • Led a route-training program implementing the principles of sales techniques, procedure formulation and establishment of pricing structure resulting in maximized employee performance.

  • Implemented route management sales training programs for drivers to develop client relation skills and product merchandising, and target marketing strategies.


College, Town, US
MBA in Marketing  

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